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For elimination of emergency leaks of liquid and gases in magnetic pipelines and tanks.
Ivan Magnitov
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MagnetPatch company develops, manufactures and supplies devices for eliminating emergency leaks of liquids and gases in magnetic pipelines and tanks, at chemical, oil refining, gas producing factories and enterprises associated with the production of chlorine. Magnetic fitting called "magnetic patch" provides reliability and ease of operation. It is used for the prompt elimination of emergency leaks, emergency rescue, repair, installation and other operations in the systems of extraction, transportation and storage of oil, oil products, aggressive liquids and gases, as well as in various industries and transport, in construction and installation organisations.

One of the features of sealing magnetic equipment is its ability to quickly eliminate leaks in hard-to-reach spot: in the corners, flange joints, on pipe bends, transitions, in welded ring seams zones.

It is possible to make modifications and special designs according to the technical specifications of the customer.

Magnet patch benefits

Magnetic sealing accessories "magnetic patch" (Magnetic console, Magnetic frame) has the following advantages in comparison with traditional clamps, couplings:
It does not require the release of the entire perimeter of the pipe for its installation, it can be used in places inaccessible to clamps (in corner joints, on bends, in the area of flange joints, on large-diameter tanks).
It has a small weight and dimensions.
Can be installed by one, maximum two workers.
High speed operation
The elimination of a leak takes several seconds to several minutes.

Technical specifications

Extreme temperatures
Operating temperature range from -50 to +120 C
Tool Life is 10 years
Interaction environment
The use of accessories in the atmosphere, under water.
Does not consume electricity
Explosion-proof and fireproof
The products are manufactured in accordance with GOST 12.2.003-91 "Production equipment. General safety requirements"

Galvanic coating is made in accordance with GOST 9.301-86 "Unified system of protection against corrosion and aging"

Our magnetic seals
(leak stopper, magnetic patch)

Depending on the location of the sealing unit, all sealing accessories are divided
into two types: consoles and frame bridges.
The sealing unit of the console is brought out to the side, which makes it possible to eliminate leaks also in flange joints, at corner joints and other "inconvenient" places. The maximum pressing force of the sealing element of the console is half the pressing force of the magnetic unit. The console is a universal snap-in: it can be used where the bridge-frame is used, and in places not accessible to the bridge-frame.
The sealing unit in the framework bridges is located between two magnetic blocks. The maximum force with which the sealing element can be pressed is equal to the total force of attraction of the two magnetic blocks, therefore, if space permits, it is advisable to use this type of equipment, which provides more opportunities in terms of the sizes of the sealed holes and the pressure values in the emergency facility. One of the varieties of frame bridges is a monoblock designed for small (up to 3 atm) pressures, which has a simple design.
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Magnetic sealing accessories