Console K500

Magnetic sealing device
Ivan Magnitov
Sales manager
Console K500
To eliminate difficult types of leaks
The K500 console is a permanent magnet device with controlled gravity. In the "off" condition, the console develops an attractive force equal to 10-12 kgf. The presence of this force make easier the installation of the console to the object: the console can be simply "sticked" to the damaged object. The sealing unit is installed on a carriage, which makes it possible to bring the sealing element directly to the leak. The carriage provides moving of the sealing unit in the longitudinal direction - 15 mm, in the transverse direction - 20 mm and tilt the sealing unit in the longitudinal plane in the range of angles from 90 to 45 degrees.

The set of delivery includes two types of sealing element: a cone and a gasket with diameters of 20 mm. Replacing one sealing element with another takes just few seconds.

A cone is used to seal round holes, and a flat gasket is used for cracks or a group of small fistulas. The console is installed near the leak. The surface to which the magnetic block will be attached must be clean from dirt and coating.

By rotating the handle, the magnetic block is "turned on". The sealing element need to bring to the hole to be sealed and the leak is eliminated by rotating the screw.

Product technical characteristics:

Type – Console unit
Pressing force of the magnetic blocks to the metal surface - Not less than 500 kgf
Diameter of the sealed tank (pipeline) - Not less than 400 mm
The maximum diameter of the sealed hole - At a pressure of 25 atm - not less than 7 mm
The range of inclination of the sealing unit in the longitudinal plane - From 90 to 45 degrees
Installation time, min - 1-2
Required number of workers - 1-2
Dimensions, mm - 317х108х120
Weight, kg - 5.3
Service life – At the very least 10 years.
No. ROSS RU.HB61.H15563
Valid from 06.11.2020 to 05.11.2023 No. 0533289
All products have a certificate of compliance
Magnetic sealing devices