Console K200

Magnetic sealing device
Console K200
To eliminate small local leaks
The K200 console is intended to eliminate an emergency leak. The console is represents a magnetic block, which is also the hull of the unit. On the block with the help of a bracket fixed sealing unit, which includes a press-screw and a replaceable rubber sealing element. The set of delivery includes two types of sealing elements: a cone with a diameter of 12 mm and a flattened cone with a diameter of 12 mm and 5 mm. The mount allows you to replace one type of sealing element with another in few seconds. Fastening the press-screw to the bracket provides the ability to move the sealing unit in the transverse direction relative to the body by a stroke of ± 2 mm and tilt the sealing unit in the longitudinal plane in the range of angles 5 ° - 60 ° in vertical.

Installation and removal of the K200 console carrying out by using a handle. A cone is used to seal round holes, in other cases a flattened cone.

Product technical characteristics:

Type – Console unit
Pressing force of the magnetic blocks to the metal surface - Not less than 200 kgf
Diameter of the sealed tank (pipeline) - From 80 to 100 mm
Maximum diameter of the sealed gap - At a pressure of 25 atm - not less than 3 mm
Installation time, min - 1
Required amount of workers - 1
Dimensions, mm - 197х120х70
Weight, kg - 0.9
Service life - At the very least 10 years.
No. ROSS RU.HB61.H15563
Valid from 06.11.2020 to 05.11.2023 No. 0533289
All products have a certificate of compliance
Magnetic sealing devices